Places That Will Repair Your Tapes or Players

Do-it-yourself Instructions

Repair Supplies

  • Studio Sound Electronics (replacement belts for players)
  • Kate’s Track Shack (pressure pads, metal clip pads, sensing foil, splicing tape, splicing blocks, pinch rollers, extra-long swabs, repair kits, repair manual)
  • Tape Center – Splicing Blocks, Splicing Tape, Sensing Foil, and more!
  • Splicit – Reel Audio Products – Long-stem cleaning swabs, tape head cleaning fluid, splicing blocks, tape splicing kits, and more!
  • TracerTec – 8-Track Repair DVD, Slicing Blocks, Splicing Tape, Sensing Foil, Advanced 8-track Repair Kits, Articles on “baking tapes” for restoration
  • 8-Track Avenue – Foam Replacement Pads, Splicing Blocks, Splicing Foil, Splicing Tape, Instructional Videos, tape repair service, etc.


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