8-Track Repair

With some of the earliest carts and players now over 30 years old, a working knowledge of tape and player repair is a must for any serious tracker. Years ago, you could take your deck or tape down to the local music store for quick and easy repairs. No longer. It's D.I.Y. or die these days, so a little patience and ingenuity go a long way. The following sections hopefully will make your 8-track surgery a success.

* Fixing 8-track Tapes  (a six page guide to general tape repair)

* Troubleshooting Cartridge Problems  

* Repairing the Deadly Ampex / Learjet Cart

* Repairing the Deadly Ampex / Learjet Cart: Part II

* Troubleshooting Player Problems

* Repair Resources on the Net

* How to open rivet-fastened carts

* How to reset the tension on an 8-track tape

* Playing tapes that have just been taken out of the shrink wrap for the first time

* Repair Tips from the FAQ (lots of good stuff here!)

* How to open Quixsonic GRT rainbow carts

* How to make your Playtapes sound better 

* Fixing the cartridge with flipped tape 

* Repairing felt pads on spring-type pressure pads

* How to open Warner Brothers carts

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